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The Creative Commons v.3.0 GREECE licenses as Free Culture applications for the promotion of Open Educational Resources in Greece

When: 27.05.2008 | 15.00 - 15.20  
Subject: The Creative Commons v.3.0 GREECE licenses as Free Culture applications for the promotion of Open Educational Resources in Greece
Speaker: Dionysia Kallinikou, Theodoros Karounos, Marinos Papadopoulos
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Event description:
Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow the free use of works beyond the fair use limits and the legal restrictions of copyright. The user is granted the right to reproduction, distribution, making the work available to the public, and adaptation of the work. CC licenses do not aim at amending the intellectual property legislation, but rather they consist of a means for flexible ways to exercise the intellectual property rights through them. Intellectual property law provides for contractual agreements between the author of a work and third parties permitting the proper practice of intellectual property. Creative Commons licenses are included in the category of contractual means for legally binding authorisation for exploitation of works. The creation and operation of the Greek version of Creative Commons licenses is a two-sided endeavour in nature, a technological as well as a legal undertaking. Not only does it consider the adaptation of Creative Commons framework in the Greek legal system for the protection of intellectual property, but also it involves meta-tagging in the text of the finally formed licenses which allow for the recognition of work available online under the terms and conditions of Creative Commons licenses. The Creative Commons licenses version 3.0 are the most worldwide known and used legally binding licenses allowing the distribution and use of intellectual property works compatible with the emerging openness of academic materials and knowledge. The emerging Openness and Open Educational Resources movement aims to break down barriers in the distribution and use of knowledge set thus far by proprietary and closed systems. In the framework of the proposed scientific participation at the 3rd international Free/Libre/Open Source Software Conference, there an analysis of the structure of CC v.3.0 Greece will be presented. Also, it will be attempted to give answers regarding questions such as what are the intellectual property rights linked to CC licenses and intellectual property, what are the most important initiatives and barriers for the adoption of open access incentives in the academic environment, and how can be improved the initiative of open access —openness— in the academic environment.

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