Building an open source based, open standards, infrastructure for the large scale provisioning of reusable open content

Open content organisation, distribution and interoperability poses a multitude of challenges in a number of different areas. These include diverse regions like: copyright information management, metadata-bibliographic data management, metadata organisation and interoperability mechanisms, backoffice digitisation processes support, digital content interoperability and reuse frameworks, including persisted identifiers, end user interfaces and intuitive content interaction, along with the required highly efficient storage and computing resources management.

Open content infrastructures, in order to ensure their long term viability and content reuse capabilities, should address, in some degree, each one of these aforementioned issues. However, the scope of these areas is so broad that only, a standards based, interoperable combination of best of breed open source systems can provide the full functionality required. Due to the technological and functional complexity of open content infrastructures, until recently very few systems have tackled, in the appropriate depth, the full range of these issues.

In the full presentation, the internationally prevalent, best of breed open source systems for the assembly of a fully open source, highly scalable open content infrastructure will be presented. These systems include the DSpace and the DuraCloud repository software, which feature SaaS capabilities and supports the persistent Handle System, Europeana and OAI based interoperability. They also include the highly scalable backend infrastructure for the digitisation, organisation and the delivery of the content, based on the Internet Archive’s Open Library software. It will also include a W3C standards based, page by page online reader, for an enhanced, intuitive user experience. EKT has built and will demonstrate a comprehensive platform, using these software blocks, capable of supporting open content in the large scale. Additionally, preview modules of the new version of the library automation software ABEKT, will be presented, exploiting advanced federated search open source middleware and new digital content linking capabilities.

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