Beyond DiY: Open Hardware and Renewable Energy

Onawi is a non-profit organisation promoting open hardware for the development of non-domestic wind energy systems. Open hardware is becoming increasingly popular, as we can see in the recent initiative by Facebook to open up the technology behind their data-centres. However, most open hardware projects are targeted at hobbyists or those looking for custom do-it-yourself alternatives to mass market products. While this is a very positive aspect, at Onawi we believe that open licensing and collaborative development could have a far reaching impact on industrial production. In particular, Open Hardware could provide the horizontal technology transfer of renewables required to fight climate change in developing countries.

In the workshop we will also explore the differences between hardware and software, limits of licensing and alternatives, the need for creative and collaboration tools, open data and product lifecycle, open standards, mixed supply chain, and business models. As disclaimer, there are no easy readymade answers to any of these issues.

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